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Skating and style with Stefani Nurding

The assumption that girls should stay away from skating hasn’t stopped Stefani Nurding from climbing to the top of the skate scene. Signed as part of the Vans Skate Team Stefani has been breaking down gender barriers and demasculinising the sport since she first started out. Stefani’s style is key to her skating and channels her creativity in her company Salon Skateboards which sells customised grip tape and boards. We caught up with Stefani at one of her favourite skate spots and chatted about her unique style, travelling the world and exciting new projects.

Stefani! How’s everything?

Hey I’m great, how are you?

How old were you when you first started skating? How did you get into skateboarding?

Me and my brother had a cruiser when we were kids that we would mess about on. It wasn’t until I was around 18 and I was competing at snowboarding that I started to skate in the summer.

You’ve previously spoken about the association with masculinity within skate sports. Was it hard first starting out as a female skater? How did you breakdown the gender barriers?

I got so sick of back handed compliments like ‘you are good for a girl’ and guys that skate like once a week saying, “OMG you are better than me!” as if that couldn’t ever be possible. I used to get comments on my clothes all the time from both women and men, commenting on the length of my shorts, my hair accessories, it was exhausting because it was just the normal clothes I liked to wear. I thought a lot about why this might be and I realized that people were weird about things which are seen as feminine, I think they are seen as weak. I started to be out spoken about how you can be feminine and wear what you like and skate (or do other sports) to any level you want without having to give in to pressure of masking yourself in masculinity to be able to be included.

Where are your favourite places to skate?

I love London and really love Sweden and California.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve skated?

Probably a dinner tray, I have skated down the stairs on a dinner tray before ?

Would you say you view the world in a different way because of your skateboarding?

I think I have become really open minded from traveling so much which I am really grateful for and I definitely notice if something is skateable or not.

Why is style an important factor in skateboarding for you?

I just like to have fun with my clothes, skating is creative and so is fashion and that’s why I love them because I like to experiment.

We just launched our Winter 17 Collection “For Lovers & Others” what are your favourite pieces?

I love the Trippin’ Dungarees and the I Dig You tee the most but also the Hex skirt ♥️

What are you up to for the rest of the year; do you have any exciting projects coming up that we should look out for?

I am going to be working on my skateboard company Salon Skateboards, I just released a grip tape Collaboration with hello kitty and have some more exciting things coming up with that. Other than that I’m going to be getting some tricks filmed and traveling to China, Sweden and California for that. I am also going to be doing some customisation videos with Vans and with some of the other fashion brands that I love.. So hyped.

Photography by Natalie Baxter



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Black label pre-spring preview

Last Thursday we hosted a night to remember in our Ganton street store in celebration of our pre-spring Black Label collection and Carnaby LFW festival.

The collection is heavily inspired by the 1970’s punk protest movement. Industrial materials and hardware have been used throughout the collection to exude a raucous sense of fun, along with a heavy dose of sex appeal.

Throughout the evening we were joined by guests including DJ Alexis Knox who produced an exclusive set for the preview party along with Instagramers Charlie Barker, Amy Valentine and Robyn Bevan. In keeping with our British culture guests sipped on an array of beverages including Funkin Cocktailswhilst munching down on a Herman ze German dish!

The Black Label collection is due to launch late October – keep an eye out on our socials for more sneak previews and updates.

Music by: Toro Y Moi

DJ: Alexis Knox

Food by: Herman Ze German

Drinks by: Funkin CocktailsScavi & Ray and Pistonhead Lager

Photos and video by: Nick Silvey

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