It’s been a long two days.A very long two days.
The Ragged Priest went on a family vacay to Eindhoven in Holland. 
Waking up at 2.30am and not going to bed until the following 1.30am is hard..especially when it is literally the hottest day in the history of man kind..ever…but it was worth literally every second.
Eindhoven rules. 
Our friends over at Spectre collective were hosting a big bbq and we thought it would be rude not to go!..you know..for work.
Eindhoven got completely bombed during the war so literally everything went. This means pretty much all the architecture is post war so everything is really still relatively young.
 It was also where ‘Philips’ used to have a lot of their factories, but after having relocated to, I think, Amsterdam, lots of these buildings are now very desolate looking.
Where we spent most of our time looks a little industrial because it’s still quite a corporate place – loads of big companies operate from there.  You see loads of multi-story factory looking places, some of these are still factories..but some, like the places we were lucky enough to go into have been converted into show rooms or offices or cafes or bars or restaurants or skate parks. Oooo or big open plan apartments.
Another thing that makes it zeer cool is the fact that it’s apparently basically an hour away from everywhere else that you could want to go..Like Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Utrecht etc..
Or, if for some reason you don’t fancy any of those places you could just hop in’t car and drive to France or Germany.
As you can tell I’m pretty sold on Eindhoven. Anyway, back to the reason we were there..We were lucky enough to be asked (by Spectre collective) to show some of our new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection along side some other really great brands. We’re going to be working pretty closely with Spectre collective now so it’s all very exciting.
And the party! Well -There was a pool, a dj on top of a caravan, food (really good food), a f*cking HUGE indoor skatepark, amazing clothes, amazing interiors, amazing people..and the beer flowed like wine. Work can be really hard..

(p.s. caffeine is the new love of my love, without it I would not have survived the trip) 

July: Monday mornin’ pervin

It’s Monday.
Mondays suck. 
Here’s some stuff that doesn’t suck. 

July: Lockdown!

Our website is having a major revamp,so sit tight and we’ll be back in 5 days y’all! 

July: Totally wired!

We just got Spotify!
Search ‘theraggedpriest’ and see what we’re listening to! 
Right now; 
‘Love’ – J Dilla

July: Tuesday droolin’

This afternoon we have been totally lusting over Alexandra Spencer shot by Nick Hudson for RUSSH magazine. She makes androgyny look easy.
sourced from 

: One

Here at The Ragged Priest head quarters we are counting down the days until our Autumn/Winter 2013 collection hits store everywhere..And the days sure are going fast! 
We’re really excited about this and we want to share the excitement with you. SO starting from today we are going to show you a different image each day from our new shiny new look books. 
So, just so we’re clear, it’s one a day,every day. 
Here’s the first.. 

July: Dayam

A while back we found a babe. 
Here she is.
In our stuff. 

Check her our on instagram @tealecoco

July: Friday feeling

Happy Friday y’all!
If you’ve got a long journey home..on a hot,sweaty,cramped train then have a look at these. 
Sonia Rentsch’s new work called ‘Harm Less’ is totally killer.
Make love not war guys