November: Black Friday




Call it what you want (we did). No codes, no bullshit. Just 25% off EVERYTHING on our site.

: xmas

 Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Jingle all the way

Oh what fun it is to wear a really f*cking good christmas jumper

Ok so we know it’s still only November but Christmas really does get us way excited. Big coats. Big jumpers. Hot Chocolate. Mulled Wine. Snow. An open fire. Any film featuring James Stewart. Basically everything (and anything) Christmassy.

So we thought, if we’re already thinking about..and talking about..and meticulously planning all our christmas festivities, then why not spread the christmas cheer through our site? So our lovely little sister company has launched a Christmas collection for everyone. It features, quite literally, some of the best Christmas jumpers that you could ever dream of.

To enter this magical winter wonderland just head over to the xmas section of the site.

November: What we’re into

No one likes Mondays..especially when it’s as arctic as this. What better way to cheers ourselves up than looking at pictures of things we like.

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plain cara gravity1

Jake-Bugg-Shangri-La B000001DUP.01.LZZZZZZZ

1. Pony Skin. Right now we’re really into everything and anything that neighs. We just want to be all wrapped up in pony skin. Faux pony skin obviously. Jeeez.

2. We’re still on a total high from seeing Cara in more our stuff. We love her.

3. We can’t stop talking about how sh*t scary Gravity is. Not as in the thing gravity..Gravity as in the film…Space is way big guys..way big.

4. We love every one with initials J.B… Jake Bugg. James Brown.. any others.

: Model behaviour

We thought you might like to have a little look at what goes on behind the scenes when we shoot for our website.







social mens swear





November: Press

For any press inquiries please contact ‘’

November: ++ The Ragged Priest flagship store ++

Last Thursday night we opened up our first ever Flagship store on Dray Walk in London. Pop down if you’re in the area. And even if you’re not in the area just come anyway.

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ashop 2

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ashop 10

: ++ The Ragged Priest flagship store ++

We love any excuse for a party.. And what better excuse for a party than the opening for our first ever flagship store. It’s on Dray Walk, just off Brick Lane in London. Pop down if you’re in the area..and even if you’re not in the area then come down anyway!

ashop 2

ashop 3

ashop 6

ashop 7

ashop 8

ashop 9

ashop 10

ashop 11

October: Cara Delevingne

Fuck the rain. Fuck the wind. Fuck literally everything because Cara Delevingne is wearing our Gridder Contrast sweat with Georgia May Jagger.

October: It’s Tuesday..but that’s ok

At the moment we have a major crush on Charlotte de Carle.

It got a thousand times bigger when she hit us with this picture of her in our Gridder contrast sweat

Our Gridder contrast sweat is available here

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