Honor Hamilton

Name: Honor Hamilton
Occupation: PR/Stylist
Mission In Life: Make a living working in fashion for-ev-er and positively inspire humans across the planet
Who or what is your spirit animal? Butthead
Where is home to you? Los Angeles, CA
How would you describe your style? This is the hardest question to answer but it’s literally whatever my current mood is for the day. To put into words: A combination of 60’s mod, 70’s disco and 90’s grunge chewed up and spit into my wardrobe, sometimes worn separately, but usually combined
Who is your ultimate style icon? Jesse Camp, MTV VJ from the 90’s
How did you get in to what you’re doing? Fashion has always been a part of my life since that’s the reason my Mom moved to America when she was my age. I’ve literally interned and worked in every aspect of the fashion industry during the past decade of my life. I kind of do a little bit of everything right now, but I fell into everything basically working hard, networking, and of course time.
Where do you think your eye for design/creative direction comes from? I’ve been a visual and creative person for as long as I can remember. I’m constantly looking at things everywhere I go, and get inspired by literally everything. My parents always introduced me to different eras of fashion, artists, music, specific films, people, places, decades of art, and food, so being raised with that, then gravitating towards people, places, and activities that revolve around that, I am constantly being inspired, surrounding myself with it.
Perks of the job?  Having the opportunity to meet and work with some of the raddest humans, brands, and like-minded individuals.  Anytime I catch myself bummed out about something or being stressed from work, I reflect on life and am SO thankful that I work in the industry I am passionate about and thank Jah for everything I’ve experienced just from working in this industry that I would’ve never been able to otherwise. I mean, I remember trying to swing some Ragged Priest pieces at LF Store sales and now here I am working with Ragged Priest.. that’s pretty awesome.
Craziest thing you have ever had to do for work? Run as fast as I can around huge jagged rocks to avoid getting smashed by massive waves just to get a shot that was never even used.
Best advice someone has ever given you? Do whatever makes you happy… literally best advice ever, as long as you aren’t harming anyone else and use good judgment
What do you do to keep you sane? Listen to music and smoke my sweet lady Mary.  Fashion is #1 forever, but music is a strong runner up and you can relate music to anything going on in your life.
Where would we find you on a typical Friday night? There’s no such thing as a typical Friday night in my life
Junk food weakness? McDonald’s chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce
Rainy day movie? Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Most played songs on your playlist right now?
Diamond Rugs – Blue Mountains (literally have listened to this song at least once everyday since January)
Project Pat ft. Juicy J & Doe B – Never Be A G
Allah Las – De Vida Voz
Mac Demarco – Freaking Out The Neighborhood
What’s next for Honor Hamilton? Continue to work hard and see what opportunities I can create.  I have my hands in a few projects right now with designing and a style app…  but if all goes well, I’m looking to start a vintage store in Spring of 2015 with one of my friends.  I’ve been collecting for it the past year with a focus on rad 60’s and 70’s psychedelic prints and pieces; so keep your eyes peeled!

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