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It’s called Fashun. Look it up.

We’re slowly clawing closer to another London leg of the Fashion Week circuit but before the streets are swarmed with the industries version of Freaky Friday where the high earning fashion professionals don streetwear and our peers fork out for some luxe brand items, let’s chat Fashun in all of it’s glory.

Do you remember FTV? That pay for tv channel that was a continuous loop of runway footage? Models stomping, beige music blaring, bizarre factoids about the models hometown pop up in the corner? It was basically a one stop source of inspiration for Zoolander. Anyway, gone are the days of bleak dystopian techno music with about as much personality as Queen Britney’s face after a botox touch up; awaken the dawn of glorious designer x musician melting together to create vibes purer than Jesus himself.

So to start off the impending LFW, we take a look back (not too far, we’re bloody busy after all.) into the small albeit strong batch of runway music that didn’t suck ass. If you can’t be bothered to read my witty musings, scroll down to the bottom for a lovely little soundcloud compilation, click play, sit back, and go to your happy place.

Kenzo SS13 // Mike D (Beastie Boys)
It’s kind of annoying when absurdly cool people are friends with other really absurdly cool people, like can you just share the coolness? Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo have somewhat of a reputation of luring the crème de la crème of the creative world with their general awesomeness, Mike D had no chance.

Commes des Garçon SS18 // FKA Twigs – Two weeks
Friends will say this was included due to someones emotional attachment to the song because it was someone’s break up song, but fuck em – it’s a tune.

Victoria Beckham AW16 // NAO – Bad Blood
Vicky B is english. NAO is english. We are english. Crumpets are english. Moral of this story? English things are rad.

Altuzarra AW16 // SOPHIE – VYZEE
SOPHIE can win anything and everything ever in the history of life. While the runway music of Altuzarra that season was a little bit more stomp stomp fashun fashun, the good people at Marie Clare claim they shazaamed this at the show, therefore we count it. SOPHIE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD.

Betsy Johnson AW14 // Uffie – Hot Chick
We’re just going to go ahead and copy paste some lyrics here.
‘When I go out some like to get me drunk and wild
But the only thing you get tonight is my fucking drink tab.
Yes I’m like, hot chick that you can’t even touch
I’m like this cold ass bitch and I ain’t ready to suck.’
That is all.

Alexander McQueen SS16 //Thurston Moore – Grace Lake
Absolute daddy Thurston Moore and his lyric-less anthem ‘Grace Lake’ was the perfect accompaniment to this english-rose-little-house-on-the-prarie-but-hang-on-this-is-still-Alexander-McQueen-let’s-throw-in-some-fucking-chains-n-shit with the light guitar riffs that flirts with you until the full onslaught of distortion comes in.

Rodarte SS13 // Butthole surfers – Pepper
The sensory overload of this kinda ‘Game of Thrones meets fetish wear’ was eased into acceptance with the trippy, I’m going to guess sitar(?), of the Butthole Surfers just doing what they do.

NativeDanger SS14 // Purity Ring – Obedear
We just hold this song close to our teeny little hearts. Sue us.

Kenzo AW13 // MIA – Matangi mix
Carol and Humberto strike again. It was hard to not have an entire playlist of just Kenzo runway mixes because 2013 was just the tip of the iceberg.

Versace AW91 // George Michael – Freedom! ’90
AB-SO-FUCK-IN-LUTE I-CON. Not only is this a banger, but the whole ‘oh yea, lets get Linda (Evangelista), Christy (Turlington), Naomi (Campbell)and Cindy (Crawford) to just lip sync the hell out of the runway and make history. Yea? Let’s do it.’


Rag and Bone // Thom Yorke
Somehow they’re friends? And he’s done a ton of music for them? Huh? What? Ok.

Milly SS16 // 50 cent – Just a lil bit
Do I really need to justify why this one made it to the nearly list?

DKNY SS13 // Rihanna Vs Papa Roach – Rude Boy Resort (DJ Schmolli)
For some inexplicable reason this mashup exists and we’re not even mad.

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