Rachel Mae Tyson

Name: Rachel Mae Tyson
Occupation: Stylist @ ASOS
Where is home to you? Worcestershire
Mission in Life: To be content in life and one day live somewhere where it’s hot everyday…. L.A?


How did you get in to what you are doing? I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in fashion. When I started University I began freelancing and assisting on shoots whenever and wherever I could. From there, it slowly just became my job! My first real styling gig was for Selfridges personal shopping where I was literally thrown in the deep end working with fashion royalty like Sienna Miller and some mega celebs. I loved it!

What do you think makes a good stylist? It sounds like such a generic answer but the main thing is just having an eye for fashion. Putting pieces together that you wouldn’t think would work but do! There is nothing more exciting than seeing a new trend that no one is doing and thinking I’m going to try that!



How has your style changed over time? My style changes every week! I definitely dress more to fit my mood and I feel I express myself with  my clothes now. From living in London and working in Camden, I’m, not scared to wear pretty outrages pieces when I’m in the mood!

Perks of the job? Working with inspiring people everyday! Getting to see the new trends before they hit ASOS site is exciting.


How would you describe your style? At the moment my style is very 70s drive. I’ve always loved the old school Cali style. I love colours and pieces that stand out – you can normally spot me a mile away!

Do you plan every shoot/outfit in advance or just go with the flow?
What are most exciting trends for Summer 15? The summer is all about the 70s vibe for me. Big flares mixed with metallic, suede and sequins! Mega heels and bright colours.

Favourite go-to outfit? My bomber jacket, skinny jeans and a beanie
Ultimate style icon? Chloe Sevigny has been my style icon for life.
Junk food weakness? Chilli cheese fries 🙂
Where would we find you on a typical Friday night? At the pub with my mates drinking cider and black!










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