Sticks & Stones Agency

Name(s): Ainsley Hutchence & Sebastien Fougere

Occupation: & Art direction / styling

Mission In Life: Good Vibes


Where is home to you? Where my family is (Sebastien & his 2 kids & my daughter @ulacoco). So for now… The Sunshine Coast QLD Australia.

What is Sticks and Stones Agency, and why does it rule? Its mostly a website now. Its kinda like a directory. Directing readers to cool shit & rad people doing awesome shit. We feature amazing photo shoot submissions from all over the world & Shitty Interview awesome peeps doing awesome things & write about important stuff like… ‘High Speed Internet Porn Might be making your dick limp’ & ‘Don’t worry terrorists, The Food & Drug industries are killing everyone off for you’… Real shit like that. Not waste of time shit.

How did you get in to what you’re doing? For us we just naturally evolved. We started out as clothing label…. This turned into a fashion agency. At one point we were representing 12 brands here in Australia. At some stage our instagram account started to gain followers & so we decided it was time to create our own content. This is when we started directing & styling our own shoots. In June this year (2014) we decided we needed a bigger better platform to feature work on & so launched & it just kinda took off….


Where do you think your eye for design/creative direction comes from? Ummmmm……. I have no idea….. Since I can remember I have always just had a thing for colour & shape balance …. in decorating rooms, when im putting clothes on the line, basically everything I do has to look balanced. The house can be super messy as long as its a balanced mess. Like if there is a pile of clothes in one corner then there should definitely be another pile on the other side of the room. My mums favorite story is that when I was 15 my brothers were super into GTA (grand theft auto) & super competitive about their scores. I decided to play it one day & stole as many cars as possible & lined them all up in a carpark to look like the colour wheel. Eventually they all got blown up & I accidentally passed my brothers high score…  I was just born this way. Sometimes it drives me crazy.

Perks of the job? Creating my own time schedule, being my own boss, being creative, working from home, showcasing awesome peeps all working on stuff they love.

Craziest thing you have ever had to do for work? I really haven’t done anything that I consider that crazy for work yet. Sorry for boring answer.

Best advice someone has ever given you? Change is the only constant.

What do you do to keep you sane? Eat healthy, follow my heart. If my heart isn’t in what I am doing then I always move onto something else. I live in the now & never try to force anything that I am not inspired by in that moment. This keeps me sane.

How is it working with your other half? Amazing 98% of the time. Hard when we don’t agree on a creative idea…. Working on the same project with different creative direction & ideas is extremely difficult. But when we are on the same page with everything & it all just flows I feel like we are unstoppable. I feel really lucky to be working alongside my partner for so many reasons. We just understand each other on such a deep level because we are going through life together on all levels.

How would you describe your style? Vintage tee & kimono. Usually stained.

Who is your ultimate style icon?  Sebastien (My husband) coz he don’t give a fuck.

Where would we find you on a typical Friday night? At home with my daughter & Sebastien. BORING… Soz.

Junk food weakness? Chocolate… But always organic…. But I am trying to give up all sugar entirely. Its addictive & so bad for you!

Rainy day movie? I would go TV series…. WORKAHOLICS or FARGO.

What’s next for Sticks & Stones? We are about to make some pretty awesome changes on our website. We are going to add more pages so that if you are just interested in reading our Shitty Interview for example you can just click on our “shitty Interview; page rather then scroll through the blog. We have also found 3 writers for the blog who will be writing about all kinds of funny & cool shit & so we will have a ‘read shit’ page. We also have a handful of fun US trips to make next year…. Photo & blogging projects at music festivals & fashion trade shows.

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Shot by: Sebastien Fougere – @sebastienfougere



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