Women's Trousers

Discover emerging trends inspired by cult fashion and creative freedom in the range of women’s trousers at The Ragged Priest.
Browse seasonal styles including cable knit and open knit trousers as well as classic cult designs from straight leg cargo pants to panelled and combat trousers. Level up your style with a new pair of slacks and couple with an asymmetrical top or denim jackets for an off-duty statement look, reminiscent of the 90s. Shop throwback style staples including low waisted trousers, flared trousers, wide legged trousers, knitted trousers and even iconic patchwork trousers. Featuring abstract prints and stand out designs, this collection sets out to make a scene and makes no apologies for it. From low waist to high waist, straight leg to baggy, style-up your trouser game today with the new collection.
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Blake Check Flare Pants

£42.25 £65.00

Nova Parachute Pants

£32.50 £65.00

Info Flares

£32.50 £65.00

Glacier Pant

£30.00 £65.00

Joni Trousers

£25.00 £60.00

Feelgood Trouser

£32.50 £50.00

Chalice Pants

£42.25 £65.00

Molly Pants

£35.00 £65.00

Atom Knit Pant

£30.00 £55.00

Country Flared Pant

£30.00 £65.00

Formular Pant

£27.50 £55.00

Confusion Pant - Green

£25.00 £55.00

Field Drill Pants

£35.00 £65.00

Storm Parachute Pants

£45.50 £65.00

Cut Out Cord Jean

£39.00 £65.00

Dolly Knitted Pant

£42.25 £65.00