About Us

Welcome to the online home of The Ragged Priest.
Founded around 2007 - We started out by digging around boot sales and
buying people's old shit for not a lot of money and reselling them on Ebay
for a tidy profit. We couldn't always find a lot of gems from boot sales so we hit
up the largest textile recycling plant in the UK. We drove a few hundred
miles, took a car, and literally filled our [car] boots. We were hand
picking the cream of UK vintage and our Ebay store was soaring, but it
wasn't enough for our greedy bastard boss.
We wanted to do more than just vintage as everyone was beginning to jump on the bandwagon. We started customising old Levis and army surplus and in
2010, after much hounding of the Topshop buyers, we launched a small
concession of The Ragged Priest Vintage in Topshop Oxford Circus
[which we are still in to this day]. The range quickly started to sell
out and we realised we were on to something. We started studding our
garments. If you could stud it, chances are we had done it. Studded Levis,
leather bikers, army jackets & even aaran knits. You name it, we studded it! When
RIANNA had worn some of our studded, denim shorts at Coachella and was pictured with SNOOP DOGG puffing on a massive reefer in our shorts, things went berserk.
We couldn't make these damn shorts quick enough, and had about 100
people working for us in our HQ all putting studs into anything that moved. Those were the days...
Amazing how you can be flying high one minute, and in the shit the next.
True to that form, we receieved a legal letter from Levis telling us it
was against the law to customise or repurpose their shorts. At this
point the whole damn world had caught on to what we were doing, and
everyone was doing it. We thought it was a bit unfair, given that we
were just recycling. Although it was especially harsh for us as we were
just about to ship 5000 pairs of our shorts to Urban Outfitters and as a result couldn't. We had to destroy them or face a lawsuit from Levis.
This nearly put the company under, but thankfully we borrowed a load
of $$$ from some kind people that kept us afloat. Even before the whole
Levis thing we had decided we wanted to move away from vintage as we were limited with our designs. We decided we wanted to make our own range! So luckily the wheels were already in motion for us to launch
The Ragged Priest as a fully manufactured denim and streetwear brand,
and we haven't looked back since 2013.
The Ragged Priest is now established globally as a leading fashion &
streetwear brand with over 200 stockists including the likes of ASOS,
Urban Outfitters, Zalando, Selfridges, Dollskill, Zumiez, Free People,
Princess Polly, The Iconic, Zalora +Topshop to name but a few. You can
now find The Ragged Priest in over 30 countries, which is pretty insane
given our humble beginings.
Our design team are central to what we do. We are not a corporate company and
don't have the same pressure, which means we can do a lot more with our designs and be free to create. We follow trends, then take them and put them in to our own grungy handwriting.
At The Ragged Priest, we have a team of close to 40 people who are incredibly hard working. We have a sister brand called Milk It and if this wasn't enough - We design, develop and manufacture for Kickers Apparel under their licensing.
We currently have a central London flagship store, and want to open a lot more!
LA, NYC, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam are all on our radar, so
watch out world, there could be a store coming to you soon.
For those that have been with us for the journey, we say
thank you. For those just arriving we say welcome, and for Levis, we say
thank you for forcing us in to creating what we
have today.
Onwards and upwards -The Ragged Priest.